About Us

Our Story

The story of YAAHDY began in late 2018 after several visits to Jamaica. YAAHDY’S founder envisioned an idea of how to expose the untapped talents of many of his fellow YAAHDY’S to the rest of the world. 

South Manchester, Jamaica being his birthplace, YAAHDY’S founder understood how many undiscovered talents existed and resided deep in small inner towns, along coastal areas, and in the ascending hillsides of the beautiful Island of Jamaica.

Jamaica is already known worldwide for reggae music, delicious food, friendly people, good vibes, tasty rum, sugar cane, the beaches and tourism. But for as much is known, seen, heard, or tasted of the beautiful Island, as much is undiscovered.  So many untapped talents have gone undiscovered and have not had opportunities to showcase their talents to the rest of their Island, much less the world.

YAAHDY.COM is here to solve that problem by bringing the Island’s local unique talents, stories, and products to the rest of the world. 

But that is not all. Jamaica would just be the beginning, as our roots are there. The YAAHDY vision would encompass the entire Caribbean region, and then expand to other emerging economies. A full eCommerce solution to seek out untapped talents, harness the opportunities and provide a space to showcase unique products, inspiration, and experiences to the world.

Although the idea of YAAHDY was conceived in 2018, the concept kicked into high gear after the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the tourism industry in the Caribbean and many other regions. Street and market vendors among many other locals whose livelihood depends on tourism, were practically forced to close, and wait for vacationers to return.  

Instead of waiting for tourists to return to buy products and boost local economies, YAAHDY’S missions is to bring the unique stories, vibes, products, and inspiration across the world to your doorstep.

Experience the YAAHDY Vibes.